Bass of the Week: Ferner Fine Instruments Aviator Bass

Ferner Fine Instruments Blue Aviator Bass

This week we’re checking out a cool retro-fied model from Ferner Fine Instruments called the Aviator Bass. Its unique body shape pays homage to “catalog guitars of the ’60s,” the company explains.

“These instruments, made by companies such as Danelectro, Teisco, Greco, Kay (Montgomery Ward), Silvertone (Sears), etc., reflected the jet age time period, with often wild shapes and switching mechanisms, along with unusual scale lengths and cheap hardware. Most of them sold for under $100 and were highly unique. We have taken that basic concept and unique aesthetic appeal and created a striking instrument that emulates this style, while at the same time utilizing the finest electronics, wood selection, pickups, and hardware.”

Ferner builds the Aviator with a one-piece Tennessee Silver Maple body matched to a quarter-sawn hard rock maple neck. Its rosewood fingerboard has 21 medium jumbo frets that are marked with custom “wing” inlays. An anodized aluminum pickguard helps to round out the vintage vibe.

Just because the Aviator looks old school doesn’t mean it’s a one-trick pony. The bass is fitted with a pair of Lollar hand wound and matched Thunderbird pickups and an intricate switching system for a wide palette of tones. Get the rundown with this demo from Kevin Ferner and Christian Underwood:

Ferner Fine Instruments Aviator Bass Specs:

Body:One piece, TN. Silver Maple body
Neck:Quarter Sawn Hard Rock Maple
Frets:21 Medium Jumbo
Fret Markers:Custom
Pickguard:Anodized Aluminum
Pickups:2 Jason Lollar hand wound and matched Thunderbird Pickups
Controls:Master volume, Tonestyler Bass Duo 6 Master Tone Control, Master Mode Switch, on/off switches for both pickups, parallel/series switch and separate jazz mode tone control

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  1. Strangely alluring in an ugly duckling kind of way. Even this puppy has 21 frets, and Lollar TB pickups?! Great choice! More than a little pricey, though. No mention of a base or list price, but the blue one above is available for $3250, ouch! Yeah, I’ll stick with the Ibanez SR Mezzo from the other article.

  2. Sherman Hathaway

    Really liked the Ferner Aviator just shown, range of tone. Where can these be purchased?