Linda Ronstadt with Bob Glaub: You’re No Good (Live In Hollywood 1980)

Linda Ronstadt released her tenth solo album, Mad Love, thirty-nine years ago. Coinciding with the release was a live concert special for HBO that featured songs from the album plus her hits.

Ronstadt assembled an all-star crew to play the event including guitarists Danny Kortchmar and Kenny Edwards, drummer Russ Kunkel, pedal steel guitarist Dan Dugmore, keyboardist Billy Payne, singer Wendy Waldman, and session bass ace Bob Glaub. The HBO special has now been worked into a new album called Live in Hollywood.

The first video from the release is a clip of the band performing the smash hit “You’re No Good.” Glaub’s buttery P-bass groove sits right in the pocket, and he even takes a tasty solo after the band breaks it down at the 2:36 mark.

(P.S. – if you’re not familiar with Glaub, be sure to check out our Stories Behind the Songs interview.)

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  1. Lionel Williams

    Okay I guess ? …bass solo is highly cliched and over rated. ??? Tone is AWFUL btw. I was expecting more. He’s def no Jamerson or Duck Dunn. David Hungate does a much better job with a P Bass (Lowdown). IMHO.

  2. Andrew Elmo Price

    That’s why you’re just Lionel Williams and he’s BOBBY MOTHERFUCKING GLAUB