Fuzzrocious Pedals Introduces Playing Mantis, Knob Jawn Pedals

Fuzzrocious Playing Mantis and Knob Jawn Pedals

Fuzzrocious Pedals released two new pedals at the Winter NAMM Show with the Playing Mantis and the Knob Jawn. Each of the pedals is handmade in their New Jersey shop.

The Playing Mantis has two footswitches: one to engage a drive and one to engage an oscillator. The drive section has a three-way toggle for choosing between a clean boost, overdrive, and distortion, while the oscillator is described as the weirdest they’ve made to date. “The options are insane between the three pots/knobs, four toggles, and expression jack we’ve provided to help the user get weeeeeeird,” Fuzzrocious writes. “The expression jack allows you to bypass the Pitch Oscillation pot and sweep the oscillating pitch up and down with an expression pedal of your choice (we suggest a Moog or M-Audio expression pedal; others may have positive or negative effects on the sweep of the Pitch Oscillation). Two pitch toggles allow the user to mess with the pitch to move it much higher or much lower. An LED toggle adds/subtracts an LED in the oscillator to change the grit and shape. The Merge toggle folds the oscillator over and changes the shape a bit resulting in a different grind of oscillation. The volume pot controls the overall volume of the oscillator and the Voltage lets the user sag the voltage going to the oscillator, resulting in weird glitches and pitch changes.”

The Knob Jawn is an innovative octave pedal that incorporates both analog and digital octaving in a single enclosure. “This means that the user is able to have a monophonic, dirty analog octave up and polyphonic, cleaner digital octave up and down,” the company explains. Each side of the octave can be soloed, and the pedal’s giant knob lets you blend between the two styles. Additional controls include a clean blend for mixing in your clean signal with the digital octave and a blend pot for selecting octave down, octave up, or a blend of the two.

The Fuzzrocious Playing Mantis will be available for $175 starting February 15th with the Knob Jawn going for $175 starting March 15th.

Fuzzrocious Pedals Playing Mantis Pedal Features:

Boost/Drive with three-position toggle
Oscillator with two pitch controls, LED switch, Merge switch
Independent Footswitches for Drive and Oscillator

Fuzzrocious Pedals Knob Jawn Pedal Features:

Digital and Analog Octave Effects with Independent Footswitches
Clean Blend
Blend for selecting octave down, octave up, or a blend of each

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