Chaka Khan Releases “Hello Happiness” with Sam Wilkes on Bass

Chaka Khan: Hello HappinessTwelve years after her last studio album, R&B superstar Chaka Khan has returned with Hello Happiness, which is described as “an empowering collection of songs with cutting-edge production.” Though she hasn’t released any new songs since 2007, she says she hasn’t stopped writing. Part of the time spent between records was to enter rehab for prescription drug abuse after a self-realization following the death of her dear friend, Prince.

Hello Happiness is very danceable, as you may expect, but with a very modern approach. She worked with Major Lazer co-founder Switch and singer-songwriter Sarah Ruba Taylor to produce the album. “DJs have been playing me in the clubs since I began my career,” Khan told Billboard. “But this is the only time that I went in with the intent of working with dance people who do dance music. I didn’t want to go deep on any of this. I wanted to keep it light and noncerebral. The tracks are the stars.”

Sam Wilkes also brings a breath of fresh air with his bass on several songs including the title track and “Like Sugar.” The L.A. based musician is also known for his work with Sam Gendel and Louis Cole of Knower. Check the bass line on “Hello Happiness” for a tasty groove:

Hello Happiness is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Hello Happiness Track List:

  1. Hello Happiness
  2. Like a Lady
  3. Don’t Cha Know
  4. Too Hot
  5. Like Sugar
  6. Isn’t That Enough
  7. Ladylike

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