Eyal Amir with Or Lubianiker: Embracing Composed Memories

It’s a rainy, lazy Sunday morning here. While browsing the Facebook feed, I came across a post by Or Lubianiker, who shared a video he recorded with Eyal Amir. It was the perfect soundtrack for today.

“Overheard Eyal jamming a couple of melodies on his piano couple of months ago,” Or shared. “…took little persuasion to convince him we should make a song out of it… couple hours of work and one spontaneous session with Yogev Gabay and Omri Abramov gave birth to this unique moment. We did most of the arrangement and some of the composition in the studio just before shooting the video which made the situation much more exciting. Hope you dig it, been a while since I played on a track like this and it was a nice change of scene. Looking forward to doing more with these guys…”

We’re looking forward to more too!

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