Ray Brown: Teen Town

As I’ve mentioned several times on this site, I’m a huge Ray Brown fan. He set the standard for jazz bass, and while he could get funky from time to time, he never strayed too far from the straight-ahead. That’s why I was blown away to find this recently unearthed video of him performing the classic Weather Report song, “Teen Town.”

Brown makes the original Jaco Pastorius bass line seems easy on the double bass as he plays to an appreciative crowd.

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  1. Frogg Hatt

    Whoever made this should be working in Hollywood production! And the audience is fantastic too!

  2. Bob Rogers

    Great performance but the talk show audience was edited in.

  3. J. Stephen Madey

    Saw Ray Brown(Pops), Christian McBride and John Clayton years ago in the Village. No other accompaniment. A magical and joyous performance made all the better by meeting Pops afterwards for a picture and an autograph of one of his solo albums. As a bass player to be in the presence of those three masters was awe inspiring.

  4. bassflower


  5. John Hunt

    I think you will find Jimmy Blanton set the standard, but Ray followed.

  6. Trey Smith

    man it is really cool to see him changing from his normal style to a more angular aproach!

  7. Sandy W

    Maybe you could make me (look like) I can play like Jaco or Ray Brown.

  8. Phil

    looks fake