Bass of the Week: Brooks Telebird

Brooks Telebird Bass

Rob van den Broek put together two classic bass designs to create the Brooks Telebird. The builder, who is a Gibson aficionado, combined the body of a Thunderbird with the neck and pickup Fender Telecaster bass. The pickup is a special 51 P split coil built by Jess Loureiro.

“The split coil P bass sound (series wiring) is really powerful and well balanced. A bit dark, like you’d expect from a humbucker,” van den Broek writes. “I love the fact that the pickup offers the option for parallel wiring too, in order to have the option of a single coil sound. In parallel, it sounds very clear. Makes me want to roll off the Tone pot a little bit. I’m not sure if it really sounds like the 51 single coil P pickup. But still nice to have the extra option.”

The Telebird is built with a two-piece swamp ash body and an Allparts maple 51 P bolt-on neck. Other features include a wide travel Thunderbird bridge and tail stop, a matte black single-ply pickguard, and Gotoh lightweight tuners.

Brooks Telebird Bass Specs:

Body:Two piece Swamp Ash
Neck:Allparts Maple 51 P
Finish:Vintage blonde
Pickup:Jess Loureiro 51 P split coil
Nut:Tusq nut
Bridge:Wide travel Thunderbird bridge plus tailstop, Nickel
Pickguard:Matte black single ply
Tuners:Gotoh GB528 lightweight tuners, Nickel
Pots:Allparts push/pull Volume pot, CTS Tone pot
Knbos:Silver reflector cap knobs
Other:Telecaster jack cup. Nickel
Strings:GHS Brite Flats 49-108

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