Bass of the Week: Brooks QB

Brooks Quad Bass

This week we’re checking out another jaw-dropping instrument built by Rob van den Broek of Brooks. The Brooks QB is a twelve-string bass built as a tribute to the Quad Bass built by Jol Dantzig of Hamer for Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson.

Where the original design had a quadrophonic pickup with controls for each string’s output, the QB is configured with three pickups – a Lace Alumitone and two Nordstrand NM4’s – each with their own 1/4” outputs. The rest of its massive control set is for two built-in effects.

“A big thank you to Bas Becu from BQ Music for building the SansAmp type overdrive and the Aguilar TLC Compressor,” van den Broek shared on Facebook.

The QB is built with a mahogany body, a flamed maple top, and a five-piece neck of mahogany and maple reinforced with a carbon rod. Its ebony fretboard is inlaid with white side dots. Hardware on the bass includes a custom-made 12-string bridge, four Gotoh bass tuners, and eight-octave string tuners.

Check it out in this intro and demo video:

Brooks QB Bass Photo Gallery:

Brooks QB Bass Specs:

Top:Flamed Maple
Neck:Five-piece Mahogany/Maple with Carbon Stiffening Rod
Frets:22 Sintoms Jumbo Frets
Inlays:White Side Dots
Nut:Buffalo Horn
Pickups:1 x Lace Alumitone, 2 x Nordstrand NM4
Controls:Tone Lace, Tone Quad, Blend, Presence, Drive, Level, Bass, Treble, Level, Threshold, Attack, Slope
Bridge:Custom made 12 string bridge and tailpiece
Tuners:4 x Gotoh GB 350 Lightweight Bass Tuners, 8 x Gotoh ST-31 Octave string Lightweight Tuners
Outputs:2 x Switchcraft
Weight:9.9 lbs

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  1. TheBass

    These knobs go to eleven ! Want.