Sunnaudio Introduces the Rabbithead RH-1 Preamp Pedal

Sunnaudio Rabbithead RH-1 Preamp PedalSunnaudio has unveiled the Rabbithead RH-1, an all-analog preamp, and overdrive designed for multiple instruments. The company says it offers features for bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric violin, and more.

“Part of the RH-1 is a stand-alone amp-like sounding overdrive that goes from clean with no overdriven harmonics – to full overdrive. As you turn up the drive you get more juicy harmonics that can be blended into the clean DI path for more warmth on acoustic and bass guitars,” Sunnaudio writes. “Both drives A&B can be set independently and switchable between both for different drive settings. Drive B has the option of high gain Rabid mode for that grizzled cranked amp sound.”

The unit’s second output has an optional Speaker simulator and can be used as a direct out for recording or running to a PA. Other features include Tone and Focus controls, a Mix mode, and either 9-volt battery or power supply operation.

The Sunnaudio Rabbithead RH-1 is available now for $479.

Sunnaudio Rabbithead RH-1 Preamp Features:

Multi-instrument Preamp and Overdrive with Volume, Bass, Treble, two simultaneous 1/4” outputs which includes one balanced speaker sim output
Two switchable world class overdrives along with our Rabid grizzled distortion mode
Tone & Focus controls for mid shaping and subharmonic frequencies
Mix Mode + Drive A
B can be mixed or used independently for a variety of tones. The RH-1 can help get rid of unwanted direct pickup sounds from your acoustic instrument but still cut through live
Transformer-less, and quiet
Speaker sim can still be used when the pedal is bypassed
9 volt DC or battery powered

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