Joscho Stephan Trio: Hey Joe

I know this video is supposed to be a major showcase for guitarist Joscho Stephan, but I love what bassist Stefan Berger is doing in this performance.

In this clip, Joscho’s trio covers Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” (including a quick intro of “Little Wing” and other Hendrix tunes thrown in along the way).

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  1. Cool arrangement of a cool song. Hendrix may have made it famous, but he didn’t write it…

  2. Wayne Terry

    I’m sorry, that bassist appears to be Volker Kamp. Having seen the trio play and met Mr. Kamp (and specifically obtained his autograph for his kick-ass bass playing), I’m pretty sure. Forgive me if I’ve erred…

  3. Lenny Mo

    That was cool and wicked picking.