Form Factor Audio Previews the Bi1000Di Bass Amp

Form Factor Audio Bi1000Di Mockup

Form Factor Audio is expanding their line of bass amps with the Bi1000Di, which builds upon their 1,000-watt flagship Bi1000. The new model retains many of the same features with some key differences in the direct output department. It will have two XLR direct outs with one pre-EQ and one post-EQ.

“The signal goes directly from the bass to the Direct output #1,” the company says of the pre-EQ option. “In this configuration, Gain control, Master control, timbre (tone control) section has no effect on the signal (level or coloration) just like a DI box. The sound engineer selects the signal level and sets any corrections in the PA system. If the Mute Button is engaged, the signal is still passed through to #1-Pre-EQ output.” The post-EQ output signal runs through the preamp first and is affected by the gain, although the master output does not affect the output signal.

The Bi1000Di also switches around the speaker output and rear section with Speakon connectors, a voltage selector switch, and fuse holders for 115V and 220V. Its front panel now has a 1/4-inch headphone jack, as well.

Similar to the original, the amp will have three-band EQ with selectable mid frequencies, a built-in limiter, a tuner output, and an effects loop. The Form Factor Audio Bi1000Di is currently in pre-production. It is available for pre-order for $1,299 with a regular price of $1,399 when it is released in early July.

Form Factor Audio Bi1000Di Back Diagram

Form Factor Audio Bi1000Di Bass Amp Features:

Power Rating:Power 1000 Watts RMS @ 4Ω; 750Watts RMS @ 6Ω, 600 Watts RMS @ 8Ω
IN/OUT:Active, Passive, Tuner, Send, Return, pre-EQ and post-EQ Balanced Direct Outs, 2 x Speaker Out
Connectors:2 x NL4 Speakon, 1 x Powercon, 6 x Neutrik 1/4″, 2 x Balanced XLR
Finish:Powder Coated Steel
Finish Color:Black
Controls:Gain, Limiter, Master, Mute
Tone Controls:Bass, Mid, Mid Frequency Selector, Treble
Weight:10 lbs

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