Karl Clews: “Lopsy Lu” Headless Bass Shootout

Karl Clews sent me this video along with this note:

“I perform Stanley Clarke’s classic ‘Lopsy Lu,’ but with a twist: I switch back and forth between all four of the headless, carbon-fiber necked basses in my collection so that viewers can compare and contrast the tones of these instruments. The basses I use here are my Bogart Karl Clews Signature ‘Silver Surfer’ prototype, a Status Graphite Kingbass Artist, a Status Graphite Kingbass Paramatrix, and a vintage Schack Carbon B2.”

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  1. MikeyM.

    Totally digging the Silver Surfer tone myself, and Karl’s right hand technique seems extremely relaxed. Which is something I need to focus on more. Great Stuff !!!

  2. Chance

    Thank you Karl! Another sweet clip of your playing and some extra fun for the ears and brain comparing basses. The Silver Surfer has my favorite voice across the spectrum. The old Schack has gnarly mids like a Warwick thumb but was similarly a little small on the bottom. Both Status sound like Status do. Super glassy with lots of highs and lows but less mid personality. All are fantastic top tier instruments and for a given player each could be the bass of dreams.