Tritonlab Introduces the Equinox Bass Preamp/Overdrive Pedal

Tritonlab Equinox Bass Preamp-Overdrive PedalTritonlab has expanded their line of effects pedals with the Equinox, a bass preamp/overdrive that emulates a tube preamp with JFET technology. The circuity achieves a “warm tube sound with soft clipping and low noise level,” they write.

“The external supply voltage of 9V is converted to an operating voltage inside the pedal to 33V. This has made it possible to achieve good dynamics (headroom),” Tritonlab states.

The pedal also has a 3-band EQ with parametric mids for dialing in your tone. A Notch knob cuts at 400Hz while a Lo Shift toggle switch fattens up the low-frequency output. Other features include a die-cast aluminum chassis, True Bypass, and 9VDC power.

The Tritonlab Equinox is made in Estonia and is available worldwide for approximately $144 with $13 shipping.

Tritonlab Equinox Bass Preamp/Overdrive Pedal Features:

Die-cast aluminium enclosure
3-Band EQ section – Featuring sweepable mid-range
Passive true bypass
Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Notch, Volume, Mid Gain, Mid Sweep
Lo Shift Toggle
9VDC Power (supply not included)

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