The Breeders Bassist Josephine Wiggs Releases Solo Album

Josephine Wiggs: We FallJosephine Wiggs has released a solo album, entitled We Fall, and while she is known for her work in the alt-rock band The Breeders (especially for the bass line for “Cannonball”), the new record takes a much different direction. It leans towards moody ambience than the angst associated with her other music. Wiggs began writing the project for a documentary and ended up turning it into a whole album.

“The earliest recordings were done for the documentary,” she told BandCamp. “But then when I finished with that I kept working on the pieces, making them longer and changing the arrangements to create, instead of a 30- or 40-second piece, a four-minute piece. I’ve been working on it on and off for quite a number of years.”

Wiggs also admits that there are elements and influences from Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, and more. We Fall showcases Wiggs on bass, piano, cello, Mellotron, and guitar. Get the mood of the album with the track “We Fall”:

We Fall is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (BandCamp, iTunes and Amazon MP3).

We Fall Track List:

  1. 37 Words
  2. Slipping Through the Cracks
  3. We Fall
  4. In a Yellow Mood
  5. Loveliest of Trees
  6. Turn to Moss
  7. The Weeping of the Rain
  8. Time Does Not Bring Relief
  9. The Soft Stars That Shine
  10. Afterwards

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