Majestica: Above the Sky

Sometimes YouTube’s auto-play function and suggested videos drive me insane, but today it was perfect.

This clip of Majestica’s music video for the song “Above the Sky” immediately caught my attention, and once you press play you’ll know why. Bassist Chris David kicks off the blazing power metal song with a blistering riff before twin guitars kick in. The intensity keeps up as the band rocks out on an airstrip.

David returns for a killer bass solo at the 3:35 mark before sending it off to drummer Alfred Fridhagen. Get ready to headbang!

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  1. Leroy bassfudger

    It’s 2019 isn’t it???

    • Not for the bassist’s pants / trousers (chose as appropriate depending on your country)…

  2. Lenny Mo

    Yowzer. Wicked chops!

  3. Chris David

    Thanks for sharing, cheers! \m/