Cave In Releases “Final Transmission,” Featuring Last Recordings of Caleb Scofield

Cave In: Final TransmissionA little over a year after Caleb Scofield tragically passed away, Cave In has released their sixth studio album, entitled Final Transmission. The album stands as the final recordings of the bassist, who died in a car accident in New Hampshire. It also serves as a tribute to him and his family as half of the proceeds from the album sales will be donated to the late bassist’s family.

“Originally intended as demos, Final Transmission marks the first Cave In album in eight years and the band’s last with Caleb, who performs on all of the songs,” Cave In says of the album. “Caleb’s voice — musical and physical — are everywhere on Final Transmission. The opening title track is a voice memo of a song idea he sent to his bandmates the last time they saw each other. ‘Hearing his voice fucks you up a little bit,’ Adam says today. ‘We were surprised to get it from him, actually, but we thought it was great. And that was it. In a weird way, it’s the end of the story as far as our relationship together.'”

Scofield is featured on all of the tracks, whether it be bass, guitar, or vocals. Check out the track “All Illusion”:

Final Transmission is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Final Transmission Track List:

  1. Final Transmission
  2. All Illusion
  3. Shake My Blood
  4. Night Crawler
  5. Lunar Day
  6. Winter Window
  7. Lanterna
  8. Strange Reflection
  9. Led to the Wolves

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