EarthQuaker Devices Announces The Plumes Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices The Plumes PedalEarthQuaker Devices has announced The Plumes, which is a low to medium gain overdrive “based on the trusty lime-green overdrive that has been an industry staple since its inception.” The company says that even though it is based on a classic circuit, it has enough twists and turns to stand out.

“The Plumes does away with the trusted JRC4558 OpAmp and the BJT buffers and replaces them with low noise JFET OpAmps for a more robust and precise signal with a significantly lower noise floor,” they explain. “The 9v power input is internally converted to +/- 9v for more headroom and a clarity that is almost three-dimensional. We’ve raised the input impedance to a whopping 10 megaohms for a stronger signal with more clarity and chime. We’ve also adjusted the cutoff of the tone control to deliver a more useful range of travel with more booming bass on the low end without sacrificing the cutting midrange and bright top end.”

It also has three clipping options: a symmetrical LED, a clean boost, and an asymmetrical silicon diode arrangement. Other features include a 25mA current draw and a “soft touch” Flexi-Switch for both momentary and latching footswitch operation.

The Plumes will be available August 3rd, 2019 for $99.

EarthQuaker Devices The Plumes Pedal Features:

Unique approach to a classic tube-like overdrive circuit offering more headroom, lower noise and far better signal integrity
Features 3 different clipping options: symmetrical LED, asymmetrical silicon, and no diode OpAmp drive
Reimagined tone control to sculpt low end, clear top end, and focused midrange
True bypass
Silent relay-based switching
Features EarthQuaker Devices’ proprietary Flexi-Switch Technology
All-analog signal path
Lifetime guarantee
Current Draw: 25 mA
Input impedance: 10M
Output impedance: 100 ohms

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