Source Audio Introduces the C4 Synth Pedal

Source Audio C4 Synth PedalSource Audio has revealed their latest creation with the C4 Synth. The pedal, which works for bass or guitar, is a four-voiced synthesizer that takes the sound creation tools of a classic Eurorack modular synthesizer and puts it into one compact pedal. It comes with six dynamic synth effects straight out of the box but offers seriously deep tweakability thanks to the company’s Neuro Desktop Editor and Neuro Mobile App.

“Synth pedals need lots of different sounds, because personal taste is everything in this space,” says Source Audio President Roger Smith. “Most synth pedals have a relatively narrow range of sounds – that is not enough. The C4 has over 120 presets today, and we estimate it will grow to 1000 a month from now. Our innovation with this pedal is not just flexible sound creation tools – more importantly, it is the simple means by which any user can browse and play the library of sounds, burn a handful of favorites directly to the pedal, and then bring them to their next gig in a small, simple to use package. No other synth pedal in history offers this.”

The pedal has a four-knob control layout with two knobs that offer dual function. You have control over the Input Level, Envelope Sensitivity, Wet/Dry Mix, and Master Output Level while two knobs labeled “Control 1” and “Control 2” adjust parameters depending on your preset. Other features include MIDI capability, stereo inputs and outputs, a USB port, and an external expression and tap tempo control.

Check out Nathan Navarro’s bass demo of the C4:

The Source Audio C4 Synth will be available soon with a street price of $239.

Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal Features:

Six Preset Positions
Growing Library of Published Presets
Unprecedented Sound Sculpting Options
Supreme Tracking
128 MIDI Accessible Factory Presets
Stereo Inputs and Outputs
Compact Design
Universal Bypass
USB Port
External Expression and Tap Tempo Control
Includes 9v DC power supply (300mA / Negative Tip)
Includes 1/8″ to 1/4″ cable for Neuro Mobile App connection.
Power Consumption — 165mA
Brushed anodized aluminum housing.
Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 2.75 in./7cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs)

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