Bass of the Week: Seger Guitars 6-String DC Bass

Seger Guitars DC Bass

This week we’re checking out a cool six-string bass, but it’s not what you think. Dallas Seger of Seger Guitars posted a six-string version of his DC Bass that doubles up on the low strings.

“I wanted to have a ‘rhythm guitar’ along with the bass for the E and A but have the D & G plain for playing higher up bass lines like Lemmy or McCartney,” Seger explains of the concept.

Seger, who builds his instruments in Maine, crafted the bass with neck-through construction. Its maple neck is topped with a cocobolo fingerboard and fitted with swamp ash wings. The pickups are custom made by Avedissian with a humbucker in the back and a single-coil in the neck position, both of which are under T-Bird covers. “Think Rick bridge tone combined with Pbass neck tone,” he writes. “Three-way toggle and master volume and tone both CTS 250K.”

Check out this quick shop demo Seger made of the bass.

Seger Guitars 6-String DC Bass Specs:

Body:Swamp Ash
Pickups:Avedissian Humbucker and Single Coil
Controls:Three-Way Toggle, Master Volume, Master Tone

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  1. Shawn Weiss

    It’s like a lifeless version of a Serek bass