MXR Announces the Clone Looper Pedal

MXR Clone Looper Pedal

MXR has unveiled a new pedal called the Clone Looper. The minimalist design has two footswitches to toggle between recording and play/stop, but that doesn’t reflect all of its capabilities.

Its recording power allows for an unlimited number of layers up to six minutes long that can be stored even when the pedal is off. An LED flashes a four-count leading up to the beginning of the loop to keep your overdubs tight. “To keep your pre-loop signal intact, the MXR team also included an analog through-path. On top of that, the Clone Looper Pedal can be set for either buffered bypass or true bypass switching to accommodate your tone and signal needs.”

The Clone Looper has effect options of changing the speed of your loop (double-speed or half-speed) or reversing it. It also has an expression jack for connecting a volume pedal as well as a CTR jack for plugging in a tap tempo switch.

“The EXP jack provides further external control options when you connect a DVP volume pedal to adjust the loop’s output level or an MXR Tap Tempo Switch to engage Play Loop Once mode, which allows you to pull off smooth live performances and re-trigger your loop over and over again for DJ-style stutter effects,” MXR adds.

The MXR Clone Looper will be shipping in October. It’s available for pre-order for $149.99.

MXR Clone Looper Pedal Features:

Analog Through-Path
Unlimited Looping Layers
Six Minutes of Record Time
88.2 kHz Sample Rate
Reverse Loop
EXP Input
CTR Input
Volume Control
Power: 9VDC Power Supply (Sold Separately)

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