EBS Now Shipping Blue Label Series OctaBass and Bass IQ Pedals

EBS Blue Label Series OctaBass and Bass IQ Pedals

EBS has reinvented two of their effects pedals in their “Blue Label” series. The OctaBass Blue Label octave pedal and BassIQ Blue Label replace their classic stompboxes.

“The EBS OctaBass was the first effect unit ever made by EBS. It is famous for fast and accurate tracking and a fat, natural sound,” the company writes. “The ‘Blue Label’ model has a couple of new features that enhance the tracking range and improves the control of the sound.”

One of the new features is a Range switch that optimizes the tracking speed for higher up or lower down on the fretboard. This enables the OctaBass to track notes lower down than ever before, EBS notes. It also has a new tone control knob for moving the octave’s tone from “present and focused” to “a sub-bass backdrop.”

The BassIQ Blue Label has a new control set that adds a Q knob to the Threshold and Attack knobs. Threshold and Attack set the sensitivity and response, while the Q value gives variation in sound character. It has three pass filters – Full Range, Band Pass, and Low Pass – as well as three modes: UP, UP-R, and Down. UP Mode makes the pedal respond with a wah effect while Down creates a reversed envelope effect. The UP-R mode works the same as UP but interacts with an internal trimpot to set the range of the envelope effect. EBS also put trim pots inside the pedal to set the gain output and the level of high frequencies from the bypassed tone to mix in with the effect.

The EBS OctaBass Blue Label and BassIQ Blue Label are shipping now with prices of $229 and $199.99.

EBS OctaBass Blue Label Pedal Features:

Analog Effect with Relay Type Switching
High or Low-optimized fretboard tracking-range
Controls for Normal and Octave volume
Seamless Tone control for Octave
Can be powered with 9-18V DC

EBS BassIQ Blue Label Pedal Features:

Analog Effect with Relay Type Switching
Flexible envelope filter
Q, Threshold & Attack-controls
Up, UP-R and Down modes
Low Pass, Band Pass & Full Range filters
Internal controls for fine tuning
True Bypass

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