Darkglass Electronics Unveils the Harmonic Booster V2.0 Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Harmonic Booster V2.0 PedalDarkglass Electronics may be known for their distortion circuits, but their first design was a clean preamp. Now they’ve brought the pedal back to life with the Harmonic Booster 2.0.

“We have picked up a few tricks over the past decade, which translates into several improvements over the original design: aside from comprehensive EQ for additional flexibility, noise performance and headroom are vastly improved in v2.0,” the company writes. “The unique tone-shaping engine can be controlled with the Character knob, which at minimum leaves your signal completely flat, providing absolute control from subtle to extreme enhancement.”

The 3-band EQ section includes bass and treble knobs as well as a semi-parametric mid control, which is a first for Darkglass. It lets you dial the mid-frequency between 250Hz to 2.5kHz.

Get a rundown and demo of the pedal by BassTheWorld.com:

The Darkglass Electronics Harmonic Booster V2.0 will be available soon with a street price of $199.99.

Darkglass Electronics Harmonic Booster V2.0 Pedal Features:

Boost Knob
Character Knob
3-band EQ with Parametric Mids
Power: 9V DC Adapter w/center-negative plug

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