Allparts Music Corporation Acquires Leo Quan Company

Allparts and Leo Quan

Allparts Music Corporation has announced the acquisition of the Leo Quan Company. The news was shared on the Allparts Facebook page.

“We will be selling the existing inventory in original packaging starting Friday afternoon 11/8/19 on our site Allparts Music Corporation,” They wrote. “Badass II – chrome & Black; Badass III – Chrome gold & Black; BadassV – chrome & black. The original BADASS IS BACK!!!”

A subsequent comment confirmed that they would begin production of the parts once the existing inventory is sold off.

Leo Quan was started in the 1970s by technician Glen Quan and Leo Malliaris, who designed bridges to work as replacements for Fender’s stock hardware. Its first bridges were made of diecast zinc and later made with a high-density zinc alloy with better production. The company expanded its offerings with several versions of the Badass Bass Bridge but went out of production several years ago. Quan passed away last year.

We’ll keep you updated on new offerings of the Badass Bridge from Allparts as they become available.

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  1. Ruben De La Rosa

    So what happens to Omega bridges? Stop making them, do they become the cheap line?