Tech 21 Unveils the PSA 2.0 Programmable Pedal

Tech 21 PSA 2.0 Programmable Pedal

Tech 21 is continuing to celebrate its 30th anniversary with the release of the PSA 2.0, which builds upon the original PSA-1 rackmount. Useful for nearly any instrument, the unit has been reimagined into a floor unit.

“With 2019 marking our 30th Anniversary, we thought it was time to change things up a bit and streamline its architecture into a compact, easily portable pedal,” the company explains. “The SansAmp PSA 2.0 offers the same 100% analog circuitry for punchy, responsive, organic sounds that bring out the best in any instrument. Only the programming and memory sections are digital. It also offers the same operational simplicity, essential functionality, and dizzying versatility.”

The PSA 2.0 can be used live or in the studio as a pre-amp. A performance Mode turns its functions into a three-channel stompbox, while 128 memory locations let you save and recall your settings. Buzz, Punch, Crunch, and Drive allow for different tonal options in addition to its 2-band active EQ. Finally, a global trim lets you adjust the level of all presets.

The Tech 21 PSA 2.0 will have a street price of $399 and is expected to ship in early December.

Tech 21 PSA 2.0 Programmable Pedal Features:

100% analog signal path
Digital programmability
Performance Mode to instantly access your 3 most often used presets
Buzz, Punch, Crunch and Drive for tons of tonality options
Gain for different flavors of overdrive
Dual band active EQ, cut or boost ±18dB
Global Trim control to adjust the level of all presets
MIDI capability for calling up programs and storing program data
Special Page Functions

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