Tech 21 Unveils the SansAmp XB Driver

Tech 21 SansAmp XB Driver

Tech 21 will be on hand at the 2024 NAMM Show to introduce their latest development: the SansAmp XB Driver. The “all-in-one” box brings together elements from their SansAmp Bass Driver DI, the Para Driver DI, the Q/Strip, and dUg Pinnick Ultra Bass 1000 into one unit.

“The 100% analog, dual-channel SansAmp XB Driver is a sophisticated dual-amp, bi-amp, DI toolbox with 15 knobs and 3 switches. Intuitively arranged, like familiar amplifier controls, you can easily craft a broad range of bass tones without a PhD,” the company states. “The Clean and Drive channels are full-frequency, independent channels that can be used individually or blended together via the Mix footswitch. In Mix mode, you can engage the Crossover switch to activate the sweepable LPF & HPF filters, which enables you to even further carve out your own tone footprint.”

Both channels have individual 3-band EQ’s with a sweepable mid-range. They differ in that the Clean chennal has a compressor where the Drive channel has its own set of overdrive controls with a Bite switch, a pre/post SansAmp semi-parametric mid-range switch, and the Crossover switch for merging distortion with clean low-end bass.

The new SansAmp XB Driver runs on an included 18-volt DC power supply. Its connectivity set includes 1/4-inch and XLR outputs, an effects loop, and a tuner output.

Get the full run-through with Tech 21’s Tim Starace.

It will be shipping soon with a to-be-determined price point.

Tech 21 SansAmp XB Driver Features:

Clean and Drive Channels
3-band EQ with Mid Shift on Each Channel
Level and Master Volume Controls
Clean Channel Compressor
Drive Channel: Drive Knob, Bite Switch, Pre/Post Switch, Crossover Switch
Built-in Speaker/Cab Sim
1/4-inch tuner output
1/4-inch effect send & return (affects both channels)
1/4-inch 1megOhm instrument level input
1/4-inch unbalanced low Z universal output with 10dB boost
Balanced low Z XLR output with mic/line level switch and ground lift
Rugged, all-metal housing
Metal knobs, footswitches and jacks
Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators
Measures 7.5″l x 4.75″w x 2.0″h
Utilizes included 18V DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC18), 250mA, 100-240V universal auto-switching power supply with interchangeable international plugs for use anywhere in the world

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