Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus Collaborate for Maggotor Pedal

Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus Maggotor PedalContinuing their recent run of insect-themed pedals, Fuzzrocious Pedals has collaborated once again with Electro-Faustus for a pedal called Maggotor. The pedal combines the Fuzzrocious Baby Furnace and the Electro-Faustus Blackfly for a unique unit.

It has two modes: “Bite,” which puts your input through the Baby Furnace portion, and “Squirm,” which uses the Blackfly’s springs and microphone. “In ‘Squirm’ mode, no input signal is needed! Strum, pluck, slap, etc the springs and/or tap, pop, scream into, slam, etc the enclosure to produce sound picked up by the internal mic,” Fuzzrocious writes. “This can be used with or without the Baby Furnace portion (activated via the left footswitch).”

If it seems like that might make some crazy awesome sounds, that’s because it does. Hear the pedal on guitar, bass, and on its own in this demo:

The Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus Maggotor is limited to 50 units and comes with a 3D printed Maggotor plectrum. It’s available now for $300.

Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus Maggotor Pedal Features:

Squirm/Bite Modes
Controls: Vol 1, Vol 2, Tone, Blend
Internal Mic and Springs for Squirm Mode
Limited to 50 Units

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