Scott Devine: The 20 Best Bass Lines of All Time

Scott Devine of Scott’s Bass Lessons put together this video back in March, which covers what he considers the best 20 best bass lines of all time.

Which one is your favorite? What do you think is missing? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Rupert A Ambrose

    Jackie Brown is the movie…

  2. Peter Feldman

    I really don’t have much of an argument with your choices. However, I would include as honorable mentions: Chas Chandler’s line in the Animals’ “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” and John Deacon’s line for Queen/David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”. I suppose you could differentiate these from the others in that they are riffs that instantly identify the song; the only one I remember doing that from your list is Macca’s line from “Come Together”.

  3. Ken Shaw

    Two of my Best Bass line if all time is Bob Marley one drop and staple singer I’ll take you there.

  4. John Gorman

    You missed this. The artist is Allen Toussaint and the bassist is George Porter Jr. from The Meters.

  5. Bill

    Bob Babbit, Touch me in the morning

  6. Brian Kelly

    Watching the detectives bass line

  7. Rod K

    Definitely one of the most underrated bass players. Prince, his bass line for let’s work and 7779311 should be in the top 20.

  8. Eric Lamb

    There are absolutely some great tracks on this list, but did I miss Geddy Lee somewhere? And what about Victor Wooten’s “Sinister Minister?” And Jamerson’s “Bernadette?” And NO JOHN ENTWISTLE?!?

  9. Justin Schroder

    So, why does this chap have an instrument at hand?

  10. Buddy

    Are you kidding!? No John Paul Jones on this list?? Ramble on has one of the most lyrical bass lines ever…

  11. Colin Strath

    Jerry Preston ,Maceo Parker’s amazing bass player on ‘shake everything you got’ real classy driving line.

  12. Brian

    Seems odd to not have a top 20 bass line from Getty lee.especially now that I see him front and center on top 10 rock bassist’s video display of yours?

  13. Brian

    Geddy Lee . very sorry messenger likes to change my spelling and I don’t always catch it.

  14. Gary Cogbill

    What are your thoughts on Tommy Cogbills bass lines on “Son of A Preacher Man”?

  15. Mark Chergosky

    Great choices! But I would’ve included McCartney’s bass line on “Nowhere Man” and Prestia’s bass part on “Can’t You See”.

  16. Fred Blogd

    Nothing wrong with these bass lines, but shows Scott’s musical interests rather than any real effort to do research, but that’s the draw for the ads?.

    If you haven’t got a Bruce Thomas bass line in there your incomplete any way.

  17. Jereme

    No Geddy Lee no Les Claypool?

  18. Wade

    So many chiming in here on their own views of who should or shouldn’t be on your list. I believe this is YOUR list, Scott? Maybe I should enroll in THEIR bass academies?…….sigh

    • Wade

      After all it DOES say this up top: Scott Devine of Scott’s Bass Lessons put together this video back in March, which covers what he considers the best 20 best bass lines of all time. It actually says “WHAT HE CONSIDERS….”

  19. Michael

    Only So Much Oil by The Tower of Power ( Wicked Bass )

  20. Jack Taylor

    Check out Bakithi Kumalo on Paul Simon’s Graceland! He’s perfection on every track he plays on. My favorite is what he does on Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes.

  21. Oscar D

    Lakeside fantastic voyage

  22. Ed

    I’m not a musician but I Think Mavis Staples on I’ll take you there is a very infectious bass line

  23. Greg Lambas

    Jethro Tull’s Glenn Cornick (R.I.P.), doing Bouree’ from their 1969 album Stand Up. Iconic.