John Ferrara: Solo Bass Arrangement of “Plush”

As bassist for the Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion band Consider the Source, you may not have expected John Ferrara to drop a Stone Temple Pilots cover. But that’s exactly what he just did. A longtime fan of the band, he released the video on the four-year anniversary of lead singer Scott Weiland’s passing.

“The night he passed, I started working on this arrangement in the van on my way to a CTS show, planning on performing a solo version of it to pay homage to the singer from one of my all-time favorite bands,” he writes. “Years later I decided to fine-tune it and record it. STP’s music meant a whole lot to me when I was a kid and still does to this day!”

Ferrara’s version carries the weight of the original while imbuing his own vibes, including some of his signature rhythmic slaps.

Ferrara has been working on a solo album, which will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Rupert A Ambrose

    That was super clean!!! Nicely done amigo!

  2. Mikey M.

    Rather interesting in parts… I dig it. Job well done Sir!