Olivier Babaz Releases “Fragments”

Olivier Babaz: FragmentsOlivier Babaz has just released a new album called Fragments, which is the first record on his new label, Midnight Caffeine Music. Fragments marks the bassist’s fifth album and is filled out by percussionists Patrick Graham and Noam Guerrier Freud.

As with many of his unique compositions, Babaz performs on double bass and kalimba simultaneously. The mesmerizing feat can be seen in this video of the new song, “Krantz,” with Freud on drums:

Fragments is available now via Bandcamp.

Fragments Track List:

  1. L’ombre du 6
  2. BC Run
  3. Fragments
  4. Krantz
  5. Le sens de l’eau
  6. Ice Slice
  7. Lymao
  8. Dark Haiku
  9. Brain Fahrenheit

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