Olivier Babaz Launches Jazz Bowing Course on Discover Double Bass

Olivier Babaz

Olivier Babaz has released a new course with Discover Double Bass on jazz bowing. While there are plenty of resources on arco playing, there aren’t many that focus on its use in jazz.

“There’s a lot of material concerning classical bow out there for the bass, but for jazz, it’s more of a personal journey,” Babaz explains. “I’ve put a lot of material to help you and inspire you as to how to use it.”

That material includes 61 video lessons teaching how to play bass lines, solos, and melodies with the bow. The lessons, which add up to over five hours of instruction, are broken into nine main chapters: Fundamentals of Bow Technique, Basic Bow Strokes, Slurs, Developing Arco Technique, and Left Hand Technique and the Bow, Bowed Walking Bass Lines, Bowed Melodies, Improvisation, and Lessons with the Band. Transcriptions of every exercise, etude, and solo are included as well as play-along tracks (with and without the bass parts) that help to put the exercises to use in a real-life context.

Check out this awesome preview lesson on slapping with the bow:

Babaz’s Jazz Bowing course is available now on DiscoverDoubleBass.com for $99.

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