Best of 2019: The Top 10 Bass Lessons & Transcriptions

Our bass lessons and transcriptions get a lot of views, which means you all are staying busy. And that’s awesome. Here are the top 10 reader favorite lessons and transcriptions we shared over the course of 2019. Ready to hit the shed in 2020?

1. Talking Technique: Geddy Lee and the Fifth Rule of Power

In episode #60 of Talking Technique, Ariane Cap breaks down how Geddy Lee uses power chords in Rush’s “Dreamline,” with a quick harmonic run down, tips for fingering, technical execution, and practice.

2. Bass Transcription: Dave Hope’s Bass Line on “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas

This is the second entry of the Tim Fletcher's “Unsung US Bassists” series, with his transcription and analysis for Dave Hope’s bass line on “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas.

3. Bass Transcription: Phil Upchurch’s Bass Line on “Misty” by Donny Hathaway

Phil Upchurch has played on over two hundred albums, and is highly regarded for his guitar work. He is less well-known as a bass player, but he’s contributed some excellent work as well. Check out Tim Fletcher’s transcription and analysis of Upchurch’s line on Donny Hathaway’s “Misty”

4. Vertical Soloing: Using Minor Pentatonic on Five Chord Types

In this lesson, Lorin Cohen illustrates how to use one minor pentatonic scale over five chord types. In this case, using the B minor pentatonic scale to play over a progression. This illustrates what Lorin calls a “vertical” approach to soloing, where we create lines that move swiftly up and across the fingerboard.

5. Vertical Soloing: C Minor 11 Arpeggio Exercise

In this lesson, Lorin Cohen shares an arpeggio exercise that develops our “Vertical” approach to the fingerboard and the ability to ascend swiftly up the neck.

6. Talking Technique: That Riff in “Spain”

That riff from Chick Corea’s “Spain,” played between the solos and as part of the head, is as catchy as it is tricky. Ari gets frequent requests for help on that section, so she breaks it down, step by step, in this new episode of “Talking Technique”

7. Talking Technique: The “Alternator” Right Hand Exercise

In this new episode of “Talking Technique,” Ari is giving us the ultimate challenge for our right hand technique. Can you alternate your index and middle fingers throughout this demanding plucking exercise?

8. Bass Transcription: Dennis Dunaway’s Bass Line on “No More Mr Nice Guy” by Alice Cooper

Tim Fletcher’s eighth transcription of his “Unsung U.S. Bassists” offers an excellent analysis of Dennis Dunaway's bass line on "No More Mr Nice Guy" by Alice Cooper.

9. Bass Transcription: Ronnie Baker’s Bass Line on “Bad Luck” by Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes

Tim Fletcher is back with his seventh entry of the “Unsung U.S. Bassists” series. Check out his bass transcription and analysis for Ronnie Baker's line on "Bad Luck" by Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes

10. Talking Technique: Chromatic Acrobatics #3

In this episode, Ari covers another chromatic workout. These chromatic lines are really fun to play, and they’re also a great technique workout for both our right and left hands. Not only that, they’re basically the musical application of permutation exercises.

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