Pablo Elorza Publishes “Right Hand Path” Technique Book

Right Hand PathPablo Elorza has published a new instructional book for bassists called Right Hand Path. The 50-page eBook explains what it means to have good right-hand technique, how to obtain it, and the results you get for having good technique.

“Technique is never completed but rather in constant flux, evolving, helping to push the limits of our art, embracing the strengths and weaknesses of our person, converting our voice, our sound, in something more, something capable of expressing the minute details imagined in our minds and brought into existence through our hands,” Elorza writes. “Right Hand Path is part of the series of books for bassists ‘EL CUERDITA BASS BOOKS SERIE’ and focuses strictly on the development of the right hand (left for left-handed people), contemplating the traditional 2 finger technique; and the modern of 3 and 4 fingers.”

Right Hand Path is bilingual with instruction written in both Spanish and English. All of its exercises are written in rhythmic notation, as there are no notes associated with the plucking hand techniques detailed.

The book is available now as a download from Elorza’s website for $20. A print version is coming soon.

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