John Entwistle Biography Coming in April

The OxAs bassist for The Who, John Entwistle helped to shape the role of bass in rock music. His snarling tone, creative lines, and ability to solo inspired a generation of players to pick up a bass for themselves. Now the story of his life will be detailed in a new authorized biography by Paul Rees.

The Ox is described as a “definitive, no-holds-barred” biography that draws on Entwistle’s own notes for an unfinished autobiography, which he was working on before his death in 2002. It also draws on his personal archives and interviews with family and friends to reveal the dichotomy of the bassist’s life.

“The Ox gives readers a never-before-seen glimpse into the two very distinct poles of John Entwistle. On the one hand, he was the rock star incarnate-larger than life, self-obsessed to a fault, and proudly and almost defiantly so,” a press release states. “Extravagant with money, he famously shipped vintage American cars across the Atlantic without having so much as a driver’s license, built exponentially bigger and grandiose bars into every home he owned, and amassed an extraordinary collection of possessions, from armor and weaponry to his patented Cuban-heel boots. But beneath this fame and flutter, he was also a man of simple tastes and traditional opinions. He was a devoted father and family man who loved nothing more than to wake up to a full English breakfast, or to have a supper of fish, chips, and a pint at his local pub.”

The Ox will be available April 7th in both digital and print versions. Until then, rock out with Entwistle’s killer playing on “The Real Me” from the Royal Albert Hall:

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