The Wood Brothers Release “Kingdom In My Mind”

The Wood Brothers: Kingdom in My MindThe Wood Brothers have returned with their 8th studio album, Kingdom In My Mind. Guitarist Oliver Wood and bassist Chris Wood are joined once again by multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix to deliver an album of buoyant grooves and deep lyrics. Chris says the juxtaposition of bittersweet vocals and uplifting music came about organically.

“We all have these little kingdoms inside of our minds,” he writes. “And without really planning it out, the songs on this album all ended up exploring that idea in some way or another. They look at the ways we deal with our dreams and our regrets and our fears and our loves. They look at the stories we tell ourselves and the ways we balance the darkness and the light.”

The bassist plays both electric and double bass through the album. His electric work tends to be on the grittier side to propel songs like “Don’t Think About My Death” and “Little Blue,” while the double bass provides a warmer foundation for more intimate sounds on “Alabaster” and “Cry Over Nothing.”

Hear his double bass on the opener “Alabaster”:

Kingdom In My Mind is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Kingdom In My Mind Track List:

  1. Alabaster
  2. Little Bit Sweet
  3. Jitterbug Love
  4. Cry Over Nothing
  5. Don’t Think About My Death
  6. Little Bit Broken
  7. This One I Love
  8. Little Blue
  9. A Dream’s a Dream
  10. Satisfied
  11. Little Blue (Reprise)

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