TWA Introduces Microchasm Octave Box and the Wahxidizer Envelope-Controlled Fuzz Pedals

TWA Microchasm and Wahxidizer Pedals

Godlyke, Inc. was at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show to display two new pedals from Totally Wycked Audio (TWA): the Microchasm Octave Box and the Wahxidizer envelope-controlled fuzz. Each pedal is suitable for both bass and guitar.

The Microchasm borrows the all-analog octave down circuit from TWA’s Great Divide and puts into a smaller package with a few different features. “The MicroChasm’s 100% analog octave down circuit tracks quickly & accurately down to low-G on a Bass Guitar and features a Tone control that moves from deep, round subs to edgy, square wave synth pulses,” Godlyke writes. It also has an all-analog octave up voice and a footswitchable solo feature to select either -1 Octave or +1 Octave voice using an external footswitch.

The Wahxidizer is inspired by the Univox Super Fuzz and similarly updated with a new interface and controls. That includes a parametric EQ circuit that offers fine-tuning or sweeping changes. “Better yet, this EQ can be swept either via playing dynamics or by EXP pedal, effectively adding an envelope-controlled filter to the Fuzz or turning the pedal into a fuzz/wah/octave respectively,” the company explains.

The TWA Microchasm and Wahxidizer were both unveiled at NAMM. Pricing and availability for both is to be determined.

TWA Microchasm Pedal Features:

All Analog CircuitsOctave up and Down
Dry Level ControlTone Control
Footswitchable Solo FeaturePower: 9VDC

TWA Wahxidizer Pedal Features:

Based on Univox Super FuzzParametric EQ
Expression InputPower: 9VDC

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