Groove – Episode #62: Ariane Cap

Ariane Cap

You may know her best from her Talking Technique instructional lessons right here on No Treble, but if you haven’t dug deeper (much, much deeper) on the impressive career of bassist, Ariane Cap, you do not know what you’re missing.

The Austrian (now LA-based) multi-instrumentalist, educator, author, blogger, composer, and a bad-ass player has done it all from rock, jazz and folk to flamenco, classical and Latin Disco music. The genre bouncing has led to gigs with Cirque du Soleil, a duo with Jazz bassoonist Paul Hansen, and a collaboration called Bass Beyond Borders with Stu Hamm. The author of Music Theory For The Bass Player is not just a contributor to several leading music instrument magazines, but currently has a new line of instructional programs happening for willing bass players. If that were not enough, Ariane is a certified TinyHabits coach and NLP Practitioner.

Interested in what it takes to become a better player, how to balance your teaching and playing, and how to optimize your playing? Enjoy the conversation…

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