Level 42: 43

Level 42 celebrated their 30th anniversary back in 2010 with a world tour. In this clip from London’s Indigo2, slap monster Mark King leads the group on “43” with an active bass line before switching to fingers for the middle section.

After watching this clip, it’s no wonder he needs to tape up his thumbs!

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  1. Eric T Peterson

    One of my favorite Level 42 songs. 43 and Mr. Pink. If you want a good funk practice workout, practice those two.????

  2. K Lee Woodwork

    Drummer sez “King me” W/ a funky nose pick accent @ 13 secs! Cameraman/Editor gold for the win!

  3. David Desmond

    While my interest in slap bass gets lower as time goes on, Mark King is a master. I never heard one of their instrumentals and enjoyed this song. personally I think those LED’s look silly nowadays, but maybe somebody needs nightlights. Thanks for another great video, Kevin.