Leland Sklar: “Against All Odds” Playthrough

With so many of us practicing social distancing, it has created a lot of challenges. But it is cool to see people making the most of it, sharing music, and help.

Leland Sklar is doing just that. The bass legend said he’s been asked so many times by so many bassists about different bass parts. Now that he has the time, he’s decided to walk us through some of his tunes over his vast career and show us how he approaches the music. In this first video, he’s doing a playthrough on the Phil Collins tune, “Against All Odds.”

Leland says he’s going to try to do this every day or two. You can follow him on his Youtube channel for more.

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  1. MikeyM.

    Loved It!

  2. Andrea Pearl

    Leland, I thoroughly enjoyed what you just did for us on the Phil Collins tune. I find your playing fascinating and a vocalist, not a bass player, but keep them coming!

  3. Rick Strong

    Excellent! Beautiful demonstration of doing exactly what is required just right. More please!

  4. Steve

    so fun to see and hear this. such a cool guy.

  5. Thanks, Leland! More please! Love to see/hear you cover some of your other work – with James Taylor, Lyle Lovett, etc.

  6. Danny B

    Still one of the best….

  7. Smeg

    Impressed to see him adapting to a multiscale instrument. I love a player who never stops growing.

  8. Iain Grant

    That’s great Leland, I’m late to the bass and either get it wrong or overplay most of the time. You make it look easy. Thanks.

  9. Gary Patton

    Great – thank you for sharing with the bass brotherhood! Maybe you could also let us know what gear (including strings) you’re using on each? Please also include some of your great work with Jackson Browne.

  10. Rocky Pellegrino

    Leland knocks me out!

  11. JOHNNY R .Taylor

    I enjoyed the video. Please continue with the videos, enjoy you’re playing. I am a bass player also and just trying to pick up a few new tips.

  12. Karl Lindbom

    Not bad for an old bloke. G’day lee !!

  13. Kent Ruff

    Excellent, I’ve been playing for 50 years and really appreciate a Real Bass Player who understands the neck with soul and feel. I would love to see and hear more. Naturally, Phil Collins is a Musical God, but to hear the bass player who is vital to the song is a special treat for me. ??