Announcing the No Treble Community

No Treble Community

Almost 11 years ago, we launched No Treble. One of our primary goals was to level the playing field for bassists around the globe, to showcase those who deserve the spotlight but might not have had the reach yet.

It has been an amazing ride.

One of the best parts of this was how it has allowed us to form friendships with bassists from all over the planet. While a lot of that has been thanks to social media, we’ve also had the chance to meet many of you in person.

As the world deals with the massive impact of COVID-19, musicians everywhere are really impacted. Gigs are lost and private lessons that were done in person aren’t possible.

I’ve been extremely worried about the well-being of our friends. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I wanted to help, and for No Treble to play a role. After some serious thought and conversations, we came up with an idea to build a directory to support the global bass playing community, creating a one-stop place to find music, lessons, and books (with the potential for additional categories to be added in the future). Many of our friends and No Treble readers were involved in this via private messages, a massive Zoom meeting, and a bunch of submissions to help us get this rolling.

We launched it quietly over the weekend to make sure things were humming, and I’m happy to share this with everyone now. This is just the start.

Check out the No Treble Community, browse the instructors, albums, and books. Buy things, SHARE, and if if you have an album, book, or provide lessons (or do any of those), be sure to submit your work too. We’re going to work fast to publish everything we get, but please be patient as we get through it all.

We’re here for you, always. We look forward to seeing what you submit, and we wish you tons of success, health, and happiness.

A note on the sharing: We’re all in this together. The strength of the community has already shown that just a handful of people sharing can turn into hundreds of visits. That’s already happening. So with your support (and sharing the work of others), we can reach thousands and thousands of people, and let them explore your music, lessons, and books.

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