Purdie/Fabian/Oswanski “Got Groove? (Pt. 2)”

Christian Fabian has been helping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Marleaux Bass Guitars with a series of videos using their Contra model. For the effort, he put together a trio featuring organist Ron Oswanski and drum legend Bernard Purdie.

“Basically we just played mostly original songs and a few covers ‘live’ in the studio, no click no punches,” Fabian explains.

Here’s the group performing “Got Groove? (Pt. 2),” which is a composition based around a four-bar bass line. Fabian and Purdie start things at a simmer on the line before the trio starts cooking.

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  1. Cathy Goldman

    Liked this one very much. Brightened my day.


    WOW! Dunk THAT FUNK!

  3. Geoff Wood

    Lovely playing and a great sound, but fugly !

  4. Charles A Brehm

    Funky! Thanks!