Rose Tattoo Releases “Outlaws”

Rose Tattoo: OutlawsAustralian hard rock stalwarts Rose Tattoo have released Outlaws, which features the band revisiting the songs of their debut album plus some new material. Bandleader and longest-standing member Angry Anderson wanted to recreate their classics like “Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll)”, “Rock N’ Roll Outlaw”, and “One of the Boys” with the modern lineup.

“For me, that’s critically important, cosmically important, because this album is all about history, heritage, honor and respect,” Angry said. “Just as significant is the forging, the embracing, and the official signing on if you like, to that history by THIS band and having them make their own reverent mark. This really is about honoring the past and respecting the present.”

The band’s current lineup includes bassist Mark Evans, who is also a former member of AC/DC. In an interview with Australian Musician, Evans recounted that he tracked the album with his trusty 1966 P Bass and an Ampeg SVT and 8×10. Modern recording technology helped to give the current lineup a bigger sound.

“It is different of course to the classic lineup of the band with Digger and Mick and Geordie, Ian and Pete but it is still The Tatts,” he said. “The way we play and the way you record these days, it’s a bigger sound. I think that first Rose Tattoo album was one of the most wonderfully organic pure rock blues albums of all time, I just love it. We have just recorded it the way we play it and recorded it live playing in the studio, which is how Rose Tattoo used to record back in the day with George and Harry and the same way AC/DC used to record.”

Check out Evans and the band in the music video for “Nice Boys”:

Outlaws is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Outlaws Track List:

  1. One of the Boys
  2. Sweet Love
  3. Tramp
  4. Snow Queen
  5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw
  6. The Butcher and Fast Eddy
  7. Remedy
  8. T.V.
  9. Stuck On You
  10. Astra Wally
  11. Bad Boy for Love
  12. Nice Boys
  13. Rosetta

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