Ross Valory Files Countersuit Against Journey’s Neil Schon and Jonathan Cain

Ross Valory

Last month, many fans were shocked when Journey members Ross Valory and Steve Smith were fired from the band for what a lawsuit called a “corporate coup d’etat.” Founding member Neil Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain claimed that the rhythm section members were attempting to take control of the Journey name. Now the plot has thickened as Valory has countersued.

“Ross is shocked and devastated by the conduct of his lifelong bandmates (Schon and Cain) and is disappointed that there was never any attempt to sit down and discuss what is most likely a misunderstanding and something that easily could have been worked out,” Valory’s attorney, Andrew Spielberger, told BusinessWire.

The cross-complaint states that Valory was acting to protect the Journey brand – namely from Schon himself. It suggests Schon tried to obtain the Journey Mark himself to have the rights and benefits of the name. He recently launched a solo project called Journey Through Time.

“Valory’s lawyer says he and Smith were only trying to protect the Journey brand from being diluted by ventures like Schon’s. Spielberger adds that if Schon and Cain’s claims were true, Steve Perry (who was represented at the board meeting in question by his own lawyer) would not have voted in favor of the action, which he did,” iHeartRadio explains. “Valory further contends that despite the ouster by Schon and Cain, he is still a rightful member of the board of Nightmare Productions and of Journey. His lawyer says he was ‘merely participating in a legitimate vote to change the number of directors of Nightmare Productions Inc.'”

The countersuit also says Journey was expected to make $50 million this year and that firing Valory was an effort by Schon and Cain to increase their shares.

“If there ever was a time to have perspective in this world about disagreements—it is now,” Spielberger concludes. “Unfortunately, this disagreement between ‘brothers’ who have played music together for the past 35 to 45 years was not able to be resolved during the current Coronavirus crisis when many are suffering. Ross feels horrible about this whole unnecessary ordeal. But he is a fighter and he has hired able counsel to defend and fight for his rights. I expect he will be vindicated and justice will prevail.”

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  1. Deborah Schrowang

    My thoughts are that I stopped liking Journey before this even happened due to the fact that Jonathon Cain and his religious zealot wife like Trump! This makes them even worse in my book. Journey “book closed” for me and several of my friends who use to like Journey!

    • John

      Who’s really watching this story unfold?

      • Davida

        A lot…including the ones commenting here. This story (not necessarily this article) has been shared a LOT. This article is actually kind of late.

    • Jonny Manana

      Religious zealot? She’s a pastor! You Trump haters are full of hate for everything and everyone.

  2. SG Knight

    Typical get rid of the bassist and drummer so the guitarist and keyboardist get more cash..whatever…ran into this before hope it turns out better for them than it did for me…

  3. John lV

    They make it sound as if Cain was a lifelong band mate of Valory. Not true. Greg Rollie was founding member before Cain.

    • Carl Rutherford

      Journey died with Steve Perry

      • Peggy Farmer

        So true when Steve Perry left it was no Journey.Steve Perry made them what they are

    • Drew Shourd

      Yes trus…but Cain wrote 10 times the hits Greg did…and HUGE hits…Journeys biggest hits btw…and now Cain has long surpassed the amount of time Greg was in the band.

  4. Drew Shourd

    Ross….justice DID prevail….so move on…go form a band called ‘Journey off a cliff’…..

    • Dianna

      If you don’t know the case and their agreements in the past… Don’t judge!

  5. carla

    I agree with ross valory that both cain and shon should have had the descentsy to at least talk to both smith and valory of whats what, at least that!,……..what perry, cain, and did behind ross and steves back at nightmare was dead wrong of them, there was a pic of the 3 musketeers during raised on radio days when those bastards signed those papers, they must have said to themselves, ” business is business”,…and then have them kicked out of the band on top of that!??……perry should be ashamed of himself and admit the truth, cain should go back to his religious stuff, shon should be fired from journey all because he does is controll the band and hire and fire everybody every doggon day!……….i do hope that ross and steve smith do win there battle though.

  6. John D.

    NEAL Schon! NOT ‘Neil’!!!