Ross Valory Releases Debut Solo Album

Ross Valory: All of the AboveAs Journey’s original bassist, Ross Valory has just about done it all. He’s played on chart-topping hits, toured the world, and sold millions of albums. Now he can scratch one more item off his list. The bassist has released his solo debut album, entitled All of the Above.

His first album on his own has been decades in the making. Valory was always writing little bits of music, but his main focus was always on Journey. Following the band’s 1995 reunion album Trial By Fire, he began to sort through all of his riffs and ideas.

“‘Tomland’ is actually a bass solo idea that I began developing in the ’70s and I finished writing it per se in the mid ’80s in my off time,” he told Darren Paltrowitz. “In 2016 I figured that the right musicians for that song would be Prairie Prince and Miles Schon and Eric Levy, who was on every song on my album. The theme is picking the right musicians for the right songs.”

Valory also released a music video for “Windmill,” which has a decidedly Brazilian flair.

“’Windmill’ is another Latin-inspired tune [from the album] that dances across Brazil!” he says. “It was written on guitar and as a result this is the first time I’ve recorded guitar.”

All of the Above is available now digitally via iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

All of the Above Track List:

  1. Wild Kingdom
  2. Nightflower
  3. Tomland
  4. Touched, Part II
  5. Windmill
  6. Incident at Neshabur
  7. Low Rider
  8. No One Wins a War

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