Damian Erskine Launches BassEducation.com

Damian Erskine

For ten years, Damian Erskine shared his deep knowledge of all things bass and music in his “Ask Damian” column on No Treble. Now he’s launched a website called BassEducation.com that lets you go even deeper with his teachings and music.

“I’ve been asked countless times about a single location to access all of my teachings & materials,” he writes. “Also realizing that many people either can’t afford one-on-one lessons (or just don’t dig the remote lesson paradigm)… This is the underlying inspiration behind BassEducation.com.”

The site has loads of exclusive instructional videos and a repository of educational materials for download including worksheets, chord charts, transcriptions, and more. Erskine offers over fifty tracks from albums he’s recorded mixed minus bass with charts to play along. There’s also an archive of live performances to study and enjoy. Similar to his long-standing column with us, he has links to submit content for feedback or send in requests for topics to cover.

“I know that these are difficult times for all and I wanted to say thank you for your continued support. Because of you, I’ve been able to create BassEducation.com. It’s people like you that will help to keep the arts afloat so that we will have a vibrant world full of culture to return to.”

Best of all, BassEducation.com has super affordable membership options. You can join on a monthly basis for $7 per month or get the annual plan for $75. For more information, check out BassEducation.com.

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  1. Thanks for the love!! Man… I miss you all

  2. Paul

    Unfortunately, it isn´t for free.