Russ Rodgers Publishes “Bass Guitar Lines”

Bass Guitar Lines by Russ RodgersBassist and educator Russ Rodgers has just released a new instructional book called Bass Guitar Lines. Accompanied by online video and audio access, the package includes 40 intermediate level bass lines in a variety of techniques, tempos, and styles.

“Learning these lines will help you get comfortable playing a wider range of ideas around the fretboard and provide many hours effective practice material,” Rodgers explains.

The online access has over eight hours of video instruction and 120 bass rhythm tracks. The videos have close-up shots of both hands for maximum speed. The songs are played at three speeds with a real band with all of the music being shown on-screen with a bouncing ball type pointer.

“All of the music notation is included in this book along with bass tablature for each line,” the author adds. “Increase your bass line repertoire and versatility by learning multiple variations of standard fun to play bass lines.”

Bass Guitar Lines is available now on Amazon for $14.99.

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