MEC Pickups With Brushed Metal Housings Now Available

Among their many new products shown at NAMM, Warwick announced that MEC bass pickups would now be available with brushed metal housings. Now the pickups are available for purchase. The sets come in gold, black, and silver finishes.

“Available in this series will be P, J, PJ, MM and soapbar-style pickups for 4, 5 and 6 string basses, both as a set and individually,” they explain. “Their sound and pickup quality corresponds to the current MEC pickups, which are known to enjoy a very good reputation in the market.”

The full lineup includes 24 pickup options, all of which are available now. Prices range between $129 and $270.

MEC Bass Pickups with Brushed Metal Housings Features:

Gold, Black, or Silver Finishes
Same Sound Quality as Regular Housings
P, J, PJ, MM, and Soapbar-style Pickups
Used on Warwick Custom Shop/Masterbuilt Basses

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  1. Paul

    Link to purchase? This is the second time you’ve mentioned these pickups with no real information in regard to where we can purchase. Google search is scant and the MEC website useless.