Michael Manring: Sardonic Grin

Michael Manring released a masterpiece of a record recently, which was the first solo album by him since 2005’s Soliloquy.

In his story about Small Moments, Kevin said, “As you can expect from Manring, the music is sublime and sounds more like a small orchestra than one man and his bass.”

“Although I use electronics to expand and extend the sound of the instrument, almost all this processing was done on the fly during the performances,” Manring shared. “These pieces were written to be played live using only the equipment the airlines will allow me to take with me when I travel!”

Here’s Manring performing the track, “Sardonic Grin.”

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  1. MikeyM.

    Just awesome!

  2. Randy

    As usual, when I listen to Michael, I am speechless.

  3. JD

    Giving the Hyper bass a rest eh? Wonder what model that headless Zon is?