Bass of the Week: Adil Sabit Guitars P-Bass

Adil Sabit Guitars P-Bass

This week we’re checking out the P-Bass Prototype #2 by Kazakhstan’s Adil Sabit Guitars. The semi-hollow body bass mixes some old school elements with some more modern features including a carbon-reinforced walnut neck and a Macassar ebony fingerboard with a 10″- 16″ compound radius.

The bass’s walnut body is fitted with an f-hole, a black pickguard, and a flashy control plate. Sabit utilized a Dimarzio split-coil pickup with Gotoh hardware.

Adil Sabit Guitars P-Bass Specs:

Body:2-piece Walnut
Neck:Quartersawn Chambered Walnut with LMI Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods
Fingerboard:Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard Radius:10″- 16″ Compound Radius
Finish:Teak Oil

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  1. Wayne orr

    Would really help if you included the PRICE

    • Bill

      For sure. I think some people aren´t good traders/ too amateur for making business.

  2. Jean-Yves Benichou

    Fender look, (Stratocaster, Telecaster..?) +Fender tuning pegs, combined with a hollow body and F hole. Something original indeed, but why not just get the real thing? Would be nice to have an audio or video file included.