Antwaun Stanley and Cory Wong: Where Are We Now

Cory Wong shared this video last night with this note:

“Below are words about the song from Antwaun about this song in 2016…yet they ring louder than ever right now:

‘We’ve obviously experienced a wide range of intense emotions the past couple weeks as a country and as a people. Whether it’s been the election, civil rights and the integrity of our justice system, groups against one another, basic needs unmet, educational gaps, global unrest, fears of heightened bigotry, etc. it’s clear why many of us are concerned. I find it hard to describe exactly the state we’re currently in, but my hope is that with this song, we can create/continue effective dialogue + a love movement that would provide comfort in knowing that where we’re going is much better than where we’ve been’.”

This clip was filmed during Cory’s concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis last November, with Kevin MacIntire on bass.

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