Brandon Rose Releases Debut Solo Album

Brandon Rose: TransitionEven at a young age, Brandon Rose has been wowing audiences with his grooves for years on stages and online clips. Now, he’s released his debut album for everyone to dig into. Transition features 10 songs that were born out of the emotions Rose felt during the pandemic.

“Being locked up in my room for so long I was left with nothing but time to think and reflect on my life experiences up to this point,” he explains. “Whether it was love, heartbreak, success, failure, loneliness, or fear, I wanted to address these topics in the best way I knew how which is through my music. So I gave myself fourteen days, exactly, to process my emotions and articulate them into a musical conversation, writing songs that had never been thought of prior to this experiment. Transition is a reflection of these thoughts, feelings, and much more.”

Rose handles bass, vocals, and production throughout the album while welcoming guests throughout to fill things out. All-star drummer Poogie Bell sits in for two tracks: “14 Days” and “Transition”. Check out the latter here:

Transition is available now via Bandcamp.

Transition Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. 14 Days
  3. Say Your Goodbyes
  4. Secluded (Interlude)
  5. Secluded
  6. All of My Fears
  7. It’ll Be Alright
  8. Lesson Learned
  9. Transition
  10. Outro

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